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Welcome to AMCOM Services
Research and development at your service!
AMCOM Services
Power Precision Professionalism
AMCOM Services
Innovation and Research for Effective Production.
AMCOM Services
Our Best Solutions for turnkey Products!
AMCOM Services
New Functional Solutions Design
AMCOM Services
Research and Development at Your Service!
by Henry Ford
“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

Engineering and Design

Professionalism and cutting-edge technology support our production cycle.

AMCOM Services S.r.l. Downloand our brochure to learn about our products and our contact details.

Complete Production Process

At our Cisterna plant we carry out a complete production cycle from design to final product delivery

Our clients

Some of our main clients

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The best solutions to your business

Our production cycle can meet all our clients needs.

Some of our works

Production photos displaying.

AMCOM Services

AMCOM Services can provide a wide range of services including:

  • Design, production, setting-up and integratio of indoor/outdoor cabinets;
  • Access networks and mobile networks products;
  • Power networks products;
  • Electrical panels and switchboards;
  • Video surveillance box and cabinet;
  • Metallic, sample and customised carpentry;
  • Precision mechanical manufacturing (turning, milling, welding).

Our staff

For detailed information you can contact the following point people.

Alessandro Spadoni
Roberto Zinicola
Technical And Production Manager
Marco De Marco
Commercial Manager
Marina Zuccarello
Camilla Spadoni
Loredana Clemente

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